Ian Adams

My journey into carpentry began through kayaking and the idea that I wanted to build my own wooden kayak one day.

But life, as it does, took me in a few different directions and on a few different adventures before I would come back to wooden kayaks.

I worked as a commercial diver in Scotland, St Helena and many places in between, and spent nearly a decade in the British Airborne Forces looking for trouble and often finding it. Eventually I returned home and rekindled the idea of building a traditional Inuit kayak using authentic tools and techniques. Before this could happen I needed a place to do it, I needed a workshop. I built with my own hands what is the home of Adams & Co. today. Kayaks led to furniture, bespoke commissions and all things wood.

Drawing from my life experiences and ongoing training both in South Africa and abroad, I continue to enjoy the challenges and traditions of Carpentry and creating unique furniture for appreciative clients.

I graduated with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 from Stellenbosch University. Thereafter I returned to Johannesburg to take up a role as Design and Project Engineer for a company specializing in the engineering and manufacture of hydro-powered mining equipment.

Since my time in the mountains of the Western Cape I’ve been a cyclists in various guises, and was intrigued to find out just how far I could go on a bicycle, both physically, mentally and perhaps philosophically. 25 000km over 14 months through North, Central and South America turned out to be the answer to some of those questions.

In late 2016 I returned to South Africa from my cycle tour and joined forces with Ian to realise another long dormant dream of mine: To design and craft high quality bespoke furniture. Coming from a very strong technical design background, I look forward to adding my ideas and expertise to the cauldron of creativity that sets Adams & Co. apart.

Retief Joubert



89 Agulhas rd | Randburg | 2188