• Stitching the panels together ready for the epoxy to set the shape

  • With the deck fitted it starts to look like a boat

  • Fitting the cockpit coaming, never enough clamps !

  • But when it’s on you can appreciate the curves

  • The  waterproof hatches now get cut in and the seat is fitted

  • 7, yes 7 coats of marine varnish and all the deck hardware fitted. She is ready to paddle

This commission was from a chance meeting in Simons Town. I was taking my wives kayak off the car when the client approached us to ask about the kayak and where would one buy such a thing !
The boats do get a lot of interest so I usually just give contact details and see who gets back to us, 2 missed calls and a message before the end of the paddle was a new record.
We got together for me to take measurements and discuss the details and agreed on a delivery date.

4800mm L x 850mm W x 450mm H
Available in Okoume Mahogany marine plywood
Marine varnish finish
Starting at R38000